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Arrex™ is Transforming into a Social Enterprise


Arrex is transforming into a social enterprise. Looking for collaborating partners, including individuals, SMEs, and NGOs.

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How to Keep White Polyester Clothing White

Polyester is a breathable and stretchy fabric, which makes it great for sports and athletic wear. White polyester can make your sports gear stand out. Keeping white polyester sports clothes clean is easy with a few extra steps when washing them.

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What's Different with Arrex™ Shirts?

Exclusively polyesterDurable, last for virtually eternallyVibrant colours, non-fadingversatile in designs, even to the smallest details7 colours printing, shades

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Cotton vs Polyester: Which Material is the Best for You?

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5 Reasons to Line-Dry Your Laundry

There’s something soothing about line-dried clothes. I love hanging out laundry to dry when it’s warm, watching it flap in the breeze and shine in the sun’s reflection.

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How to Properly Clean Your T-shirts.

A quality T-shirt should have an expected life span of several years, when given the proper care.

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