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Program Highlights


Entitled for up to 20% discount on all Arrex™ products.
High commission.**
Flexible, can be done part time or full time, offline or online.
No registration fees, no hidden fees.
No need to keep stocks.

What is Arrex™ Affiliate Program?

  • Arrex™ Affiliate Program is an agent or referral program that allows you to earn extra income by introducing new customers to Arrex™.
  • Being an Arrex™ agent, you do not have to keep the stocks. All you have to do is promote and introduce us to potential customers and we will do the rest for you.

How can Arrex™ Affiliate promote the products? 

You may choose to promote via:

  • Social media sites.
  • Personal store or studios.
  • Personal blogs.

What does an Affiliate need to do?

  • Promote Arrex™ line of products.
  • Give out promotional code (if applied) to your referral. 

How can I become an Arrex™ Affiliate?